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Developer Relations
How to build and grow a successful developer program

Caroline Lewko

James Parton

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"It’s helped me have terminology to start leveraging internally and a clear way to communicate with my team. It will be instrumental for our industry to evolve together in this way."

Tessa Kriesel, Head of DevRel @ Snap

"Currently reading Developer Relations and screaming that it wasn't around in Feb when I started. If you're working in, setting up or running any kind of dev or design advocacy stuff, this is crucial reading."

Luke Murphy, Design Advocate @ zeroheight

"Couldn't recommend highly enough. Go get it people!"

Chrys Chrysanthou, VC @ Kindred

"Caroline and James are drawing on their extensive experience of the API world to give actionable items to work on and which areas to focus on at first. I really liked their new take on the customer persona /canvas as a great way to really visualize who the customer is."

Gregory Menvielle,  Co-founder @ Okaya

"I got my copy in the mail on Friday and spent all weekend reading it. It's amazing!"

Kourtney M, Developer Advocate @ Box

"If you're looking for a good intro-to-everything guide with good references to supporting and extension materials, then this has hit the spot for me. The book covers many of the things I've been doing ad-hoc for many years, and sheds new light on many activities that I should start doing or could do better."

Rowland Marshall, Director & Head of Product @ Intel

"Absolutely loved it & you both did amazing work. 

It helped our team to get started with our ambassador program."

Ankur Tyagi, Software Engineer @ SuperTokens

This book is a groundbreaking reference text providing a strategic perspective on Developer Relations for the first time.

​It is written for both current or aspiring Developer Relations leaders and their stakeholders within a wider organization. This book helps to contribute to the growing recognition and professionalization of Developer Relations as a practice and for Developer Relations to achieve C level authority within companies.

Questions that are answered:

  • How do we convince stakeholders to support a program?

  • How do we go about creating a program?

  • How do we make developers aware of our offer?

  • How do we stand out from the crowd?

  • How do we get developers to use our products?

  • How do we ensure developers are successful using our products?

  • How do we measure success?

  • How do we maintain the support of our stakeholders?

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What will you learn?

  • Discover what Developer Relations is and how it contributes to a company's success

  • How to launch a DevRel program

  • How to operate a successful DevRel program

  • How to measure the success of your program

  • How to manage your stakeholders

Who is the book for?

  • Those interested in starting a new DevRel program.

  • Those looking to increase the impact of an existing DevRel program.

  • Those interested in learning more about DevRel.

  • For DevRel professionals, executives, investors, engineers, product managers, marketers, and students.

Meet the authors

Caroline Lewko

Caroline Lewko is an accomplished visionary and entrepreneur who has spent over two decades helping develop groundbreaking technology and nurturing community connections and innovation.


She started WIP, the first boutique Developer Relations agency in 2006, after founding a community and incubator for mobile startups. She’d led consulting engagements and developer events in over 20 countries, spanning a wide range of platforms and technologies, from edge computing and machine learning to mobile. She’s a regular keynote speaker and conference moderator.


Now as CEO of Revere Communications, she continues to work with the top ranks of the Fortune 500 and Global 500 to fast-growing startups, with a focus on training and mentoring the next generation of DevRel leaders. When not speaking, training, or traveling, Caroline can be found gardening, biking, and wine tasting in her beloved Vancouver, BC.

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James Parton

James Parton created and ran Developer Programs for O2 (O2 Litmus) and  Telefonica (BlueVia) before joining Twilio in 2012 as their first hire outside of the United States to launch and run their European business. He did that successfully for five years, leaving just after Twilio’s IPO in 2016.


James has held board positions with the Application Developers Alliance and the Mobile Ecosystem Forum where he championed the needs of developers with industry and government. He regularly advises startups, corporates, and venture capital firms on their Developer Relations strategies via his boutique agency Land and Expand.


In addition to his Developer Relations activities, James is the Managing Director of the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge, which provides entrepreneurial opportunities for students at the University of Cambridge and acts as a tech community hub for Cambridge and the wider East of England region.


He is also a co-founder of the Triple Chasm Company, which provides data-driven tools, training, and content to help companies successfully scale.

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Developer relations:
How to build and grow a successful developer program

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