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Advisory Services
How we can help you and your organization

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We are often asked about the services we provide. 

Here we summarize the typical ways we normally work with clients. If you are interested in working with us, fabulous, we’d love to chat! 

  • Subscribe to our DevRel newsletter - its the simplest way to start. It’s contains free articles and extracts from our book. If there is a topic you’d like us to cover, just let us know.

  • Check out our Resources Directory, which sign posts all the great DevRel content and communities out there.

  • Buy our DevRel Book! Joking aside, for a simple $30 investment, this is your best starting point to get immersed in DevRel and to understand our approach. Everything we offer is based on the concepts and frameworks contained in the book.

  • Mentoring & coaching. This is the perfect entry level commitment if you feel you could benefit from a regular check-in to chat, get a temperature check, and get an honest, independent, and confidential perspective on the challenges you face with your DevRel program. One time or on an on-going basis.

  • Interactive Workshops. We regularly deliver packages on specific DevRel topics for DevRel practitioners and their stakeholder teams. Topics range from An Introduction to Developer Relations, Developer Relations for your Marketing Team, Creating your Developer Segmentation and Developer Personas, Market Positioning & Messaging, Developer Centric Performance Metrics, and more. Our format of 2 x 1.5 hour online workshops separated by a week for your own research and homework, has been found to be very effective by our clients.

  • Developer Journey Friction Audits. We audit and benchmark your existing Developer Program, Developer Experience, and Developer Products to identify friction in your Developer Journey.

  • DOCS & Blogs Developers Love. We have a team that loves organizing and writing technical documentation, tutorials and blogs to support your Developer's Journey.

Our framework for an initial discovery meeting

Our tips on how to get the best out of our initial conversation. Below is the structure we like to follow and the questions we typically ask to discover more about you and your context during an introductory call. Hopefully reading this will help you prepare and maximize the value from time we have together.

Getting to know you & your company

  • What is your role?

  • What does your company do? 

  • Are you Developer First or Developer Plus?

  • What developer products or services do you offer? (now or in the future)

  • Who are your competitors?

Your Developer Relations context

  • How much experience does your company have with DevRel?

  • Do you have an existing program?

    • If so, how is it performing, and is it meeting expectations?

  • Are you planning to launch a DevRel program?

    • If so, what are your goals?

  • Who is your target developer audience?

  • What budget do you have for your DevRel investment?

Your DevRel Team

  • Do you have an existing team in place?, if yes:

    • How is the team structured?

    • What is the reporting line?

    • How is cross team communication & collaboration?

    • People budget?

  • Do you have an existing team in place?,  if no:

    • What is your plan and timing?

    • Do you have job ads written/out there?

    • People budget?


Your Strategic Alignment

  • Is the C suite/board aligned on the need/importance of Developer Relations?

  • Is there clarity on the goals and objectives for a DevRel investment?

  • Is the company culture conducive to supporting a successful DevRel investment?

What challenge are you trying to solve?

  • In essence, why did you reach out?


We hope that sets you up for our initial conversation.

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What our clients think

This team knows Developer Relations. The comprehensive workshops helped us understand our value for developers & how to structure our offering for a Developer First approach. We’ve since created the first DevRel C-Level position!

Ivan Burazin, Chief Developer Experience Officer, Infobip

As a startup, the team put us on the right path to build our go-to-market strategy and grow our developer community and presence amongst machine learning practitioners. With your focused, ongoing strategic guidance and content creation, PerceptiLabs is now recognized amongst the ML community as a leading tool for visual-based modeling.

Martin Isaksson, CEO & Co-Founder, PerceptiLabs

Super-helpful, plenty of pointers for us to work on, and generally a good motivator to improve. It's been a pleasure as the result is great and you guys worked very independently and delivered in a short time frame. Kudos!

Christian Miccio, Product Lead, Bitmovin

Qualcomm Developer Network (QDN) has worked with the team for over ten years. They initially helped us to better understand the nuances of Developer Relations and they continue to ensure we see things from our developers’ perspective. They’ve provided demonstrable results both strategically and via content creation, helping us to inspire developers to reach new levels of success using our products and technology.”

Qualcomm Developer Network

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Developer relations:
How to build and grow a successful developer program

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